Basic Onsite Optimization Audit – Screaming Frog [SEO Tool]

When starting an website optimization audit, it’s good to get a good overview look at the whole website before drilling down into each individual page.

A good SEO tool to use for this is Screaming Frog. It can very quickly gather information about all the pages within a site showing you if there are any flaws, missing elements, or duplication within a site.

I have included a video below to show you how you can use this tool to analyze your own site, or a competitor’s site.

There is a free version and paid version of Screaming Frog. The free version does most of everything you will need it to do. It is limited to listing 500 pages, but most local business websites have less than that, so the page limitation should not take affect while looking at most sites.

Website Audit Example Using Screaming Frog

In the video example, I have analyzed three different sites that I found in Google using the keyword of ‘Houston¬† dentist’. I choose a site listed on the first page, second page, and tenth page for this organic keyword phrase.

You will see that the Screaming Frog tool makes it very easy to see an overview of the optimization status of many of sites main elements.  I show you how simple it is to review all the Titles, Meta Descriptions, and H1 tags using the SEO tool.

Of course the tool does much more than list those simple SEO elements, but this video and post is just demonstrating how quickly we can look at the main elements.

It should help you get an indication of some of the factors of why some websites are listed on the first page, and why other sites are buried down on page ten for a keyword phrase.

Yan Gilbert