Understanding SEO For Local Businesses

I’ve created this page and series of videos to help you understand a bit more what the marketing aspects of SEO are.

As an SEO consultant, I see many business owners with only a rudimentary understanding of what SEO  is and how it can help their business attract more customers and clients.

It often falls on me to educate them about why optimizing their website and online business profiles is in their best interest and how this will help their business attract new customers and clients.

It’s not a business owners fault either. The online world quickly changes and what was good practice last year may not be as effective anymore. Keeping up with all the changes is a full time job.

That’s why hiring an SEO consultant is sometimes necessary; to make sure you are not falling behind.

The basics however usually stay the same, and so in the videos that you find on this page, I cover many SEO topics that I believe would be helpful for you to understand.

I will not be going in to much technical details with these videos. There is plenty of information online about the details of optimizations. These videos are geared for the business owner and to help them understand why and how internet marketing can help them.

If you have any questions regarding anything you see in any of the videos, feel free to contact me and I will be glad to help.

Initial Setting Up Phase

Core Optimization Tasks

  • Content Creation
  • Page Optimization
  • Site Optimization
  • Internal Link Building
  • Directory Cleanup
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Increase Page Speed
  • Add Schema Markup

Conversion & Traffic Building

Understanding The First Page of Google Search

In this video, I break down the various parts of the first page of Google.

There are three main parts, the Ads, the 3-pacl business listing, and the organic search results.

I talk about how you get listed in each one and what factors contribute to the rankings in these sections.

Understanding the Google Business Listing

This video gives an explanation of what the Google Knowledge Panel, why it shows up, and why it is important for you to claim your free Google business listing.

I also give information concerning the reviews that people will leave on your Google listing.