SEO Technical Audits

I will give you a complete breakdown of what needs to be adjusted on your site so that it can rank higher and attract more customers.

Search Engine Optimization Audits identify opportunities and issues such as the examination of technical on-page and off-page elements.

Keyword Research

I will ensure your website uses the right keywords that attract buying customers.

In the world of SEO or Search Engine Optimization there are broad keywords that attract browsers and money keywords that attract buyers. Discovering what words your potential customers are using to find services like yours is important to the entire SEO process.

Google My Business (GMB) / Maps

I will ensure you have an optimized Google business listing and use all of its elements to your advantage.

The first thing an online searcher sees when using Google (besides ads), are three GMB listings. Getting your business name listed in that group is of paramount importance.

Reputation Management

I will keep you up to date on what others are saying about your business, help encourage your customers to leave good reviews, and mitigate and negative reviews.

Now that company reviews have become ubiquitous on the web, it is important to know what people are saying about you. In the case of a bad review, it needs to be addressed quickly so that it does not negatively impact your potential or existing customers.

Monthly SEO Report

You will receive (at the minimum) monthly updates detailing my work and how your online marketing is progressing.

Most changes that are made during the SEO process do not impact rankings immediately. It takes time for changes to filter through the algorithms of the search engines. For that reason, it is important to continuously monitor the status of your online presence.

Social Media

I will help you to set up and optimize the most important social media profiles; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc. for your business.

Creating and maintaining your social media profiles is important for numerous reasons. It provides a way for customers to find you, creates ways for people to share your content, and provides links back to your website for SEO purposes.