SEO Services For Local Businesses – Aurora, Ontario

I provide SEO services to small businesses in Aurora & York Region (actually anywhere in the North America to be honest). If you’re in need of SEO services, you likely fall into one of the following categories.

Companies Looking to Grow Online – If you’re the owner of a small business in Aurora, and you are looking to expand your reach and visibility online, then I can help.

New Online Companies – If you have recently started a new website, it’s important to start off on the right foot.  I love working from scratch with new companies to make sure that your website is built on a strong SEO platform.

Websites Looking to Redesign – Looking to create a  current, fresh website?  Then a SEO consultation is a must.  Once you’ve chosen a layout and are well past the wire-framing stage, it will be much more difficult to implement a solid SEO strategy.  Before you push your newly redesigned site live, make sure you consult with an Aurora SEO expert.

Search Engine Optimization can be a game-changing investment for your Aurora based company – if you choose the right SEO consultant.  I know that each business is different  and the online strategies I create and implement are 100% unique to each business.

Reasons You’ll Love Working With Me

SEO Strategies Are Tailor-Made – No cookie-cutter solutions here!  My digital marketing strategies are built to succeed – your company was built the same way… is your business like everyone else’s?  Probably not – so I dig deep into the inner-workings of each business so that I can customize an SEO solution that is most effective for your Aurora business.

Team-Oriented Approach – We’re in this together for the long-haul!  This means I work WITH my clients to show consistent and sustainable growth, which is near impossible to accomplish when you hire a larger SEO company.  The long-term relationships I build with my clients comes from transparency, and my commitment to establishing myself as part of the team!

White-Hat SEO – “White-Hat” is a term for the ethical optimization of websites that fit into the guidelines of the search engines.  I believe 100% in organic search growth through “Future-Proof” marketing strategies.

Information About Aurora, Ontario

There are approximately 1,500 businesses registered in Aurora, according to the Aurora Business Directory.

That’s a lot of businesses to compete with!

To give you a few examples, just in Aurora alone there are:

  • 40 Dental Offices
  • 20 Accounting and Bookeeper Offices
  • 3 Florists
  • 29 Automotive Repair Garages
  • 7 Optomitrists
  • 8 Electrical Contractors
  • 21 Plumbing Contractors
  • 9 Kitchen Contractors
  • 20 Fitness Centers
  • 59 Hair Salons
  • 23 Insurance Brokerages
  • 6 Landscaping Services

And these are just the ones that are officially verified by the town and York Region. Plus, if you include the surrounding areas of Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, and Bradford this just adds to the list of business competition.

How many businesses are you competing with?

The good news is that the population of Aurora is about 54,000, and the counting the surrounding areas is about 190,000.

That’s a lot of potential customers!

But you need to let this large population that lives around you know that you exist. For that we use marketing. Your main marketing options are word-of-mouth, the sign outside your business, printed flyers, ads in the Banner, and of course your website.

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